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Government has taken away parents' rights and responsibilities to educate their children. Public education should be limited to academic classes and skills classes.


Government told us opioids we're safe. But many people died from opioids. Our government failed us. We can do a better job deciding what is safe for us to use.


Government has forced healthcare to become very expensive by forcing everyone to get insurance. We need to get government out of healthcare except for emergency situations.

Sales and Income Taxes

Mary believes sales and excise taxes should be eliminated. Income taxes should be charged not only on income but also on employee benefits.

Payroll taxes

Payroll taxes should be reduced from 6.2% to 4% but extended to all income and employee benefits. There should be no cap on income that is charged payroll taxes. Therefore individuals making more than $137,700.00 will be charged payroll taxes on all income and employee benefits.


Government should not give aids to businesses nor should it give mandates. Then businesses can prosper. 

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